At Elite Software Architects Inc. our commitment to you reflects in our outstanding customer service and uncompromising delivery quality. Choose from any of our services to provide outstanding value and delivery excellence to your Organization.

Managed Hosting :: Your business requires stable systems that can adapt to support the needs of your growing business. We provide custom outsourced hosting, from a single server instance to several hundreds. We take away the headaches of systems management and integration and allow you to get your business online efficiently and effectively so that you can focus on your core strengths. We speak network infrastructure, so that you don't have to.

Consulting Services :: Our highly trained consultants are experts at delivering high-qaulity software solutions by employing agile best-practices, test-driven development (TDD), and/or pair programming. We can also help to establish an Architecture Practice, conduct business process modeling (BPM) and re-engineering and highly customized, targeted, solutions using our value-driven, principle-centered approach.

Software Architecture :: Much like a blueprint to a home or building, your Software Architecture describes the essential building blocks of your application. Without a solid foundation, the ability to scale and achieve your demanding performance SLA's is easily compromised. Building a scalable, highly performant, application starts with a software architecture that supports scale as a primary design concern.

B2B Systems Integration :: The digital age and web 2.0 produced a number of technologies designed to allow businesses to share data across application silos or with new or existing business partners. Whether it be SOAP-based webservices over HTTP, REST-based resources or complex enterprise-level integrations, we have the consultants and the skills to automate your toughest business processes and help you leverage existing software investments in new ways.

Agile Coaching :: The key to succeeding with Agile methodologies such as XP, SCRUM, Kanban or Lean Software Development is to understand the challenges you are trying to address. A prescriptive approach to implementing any methodology will not lead to the successes you're after. However, with our coaching you can succeed using our principled Agile development strategies and techniques to improve team morale, project velocity and delivery predictability.

Let us help you maximize your IT investment with our high-quality, results-driven consultative approach. For more information about our services, contact Elite Software Architects Inc. today and start bringing order to the chaos.